Welcome to Vision Quest Recovery


  Vision Quest is a 6-month program, designed to provide individuals the support and the guidance needed to obtain Long Term Recovery. 

To graduate this 6-month program and progress into the next stage of your life there are certain criteria each individual will be responsible to complete

As each program will be individually designed, depending on work schedules, therapy appointments etc., the following is a brief outline of the major criteria that must be met for graduation.  

1. House Guidelines must be adhered to:

 a. All write ups must be taken care of 

b. Rent must be current 

c. 6 complete months of abstinence from drugs and alcohol 

d. Meeting sheets must be verified by house manager 

2. Three classes must be completed. The classes are 5-week courses and will be offered at different times during the week.  As classes will vary throughout the resident’s stay, the 1 mandatory class is the 12 Steps. 

The other possible elective classes are:  

a. Financial Literacy 

b. Mindfulness Book Studies 

c. Spirituality 

d. Peer support group class  

e. Etc. 

3. Resident must complete Voices in Recovery workshop. This is an hour and a half tutorial on carrying a clear message of recovery. 

4. Resident must participate in 6 community engagement projects. A list of these community projects will be provided at each house and each resident will be able to pick which events they would like to participate in. 

5. Resident must attend a 3-month progress meeting with house manager and management.          

 At the end of the 6-month commitment, a graduation ceremony will be held in honor of resident’s accomplishment and a certificate of completion will be awarded. 

Upon completion the resident will have 3 options. 

1. Apply for management position 

2. Apply for Independent living 

3. Apply for an apartment on your own 

We, at Vision Quest, will support any option and will strive to help in any way possible to accomplish the path that is decided upon.  

About Us

What is Vision Quest Recovery?

 Vision Quest is a transitional living solution for men and women who wish to recover from the disease of addiction/alcoholism.

Our mission is to provide a structured and nurturing environment based on recovery principles that have been proven successful in the past.

The staff at Vision Quest recognizes the unique circumstances that each individual faces during this transformational time.

We specialize  in helping each person to create long-lasting change in their lives,  with focus on identifying solutions to problem areas and by guiding them  and helping establish a firm foundation for lifelong recovery. 

Our Mission Statement

 "Because together can we accomplish what we cannot carry out alone." 

 Our homes are founded upon on the principles of:
the unity of our residents
the recovery of our management staff and
structures in place to support them all.

By living clean and working together, we assure that through any crisis or challenge, the strength of the group works to protect the recovery of all.

Our primary goal is to create a safe space where the addict can recover and again become an asset to his family, his community and society as a whole.

This is accomplished by creating lives based upon integrity, honesty and effective communication.

“The  Vision has been and will always be, that together we may carry the  message of hope to the addict/alcoholic who still suffers.” 

 We Welcome You Home and Hope That Our Vision Will Be Shared.
Our Vision is One of Faith, Hope and Trust in a Power Greater Than Ourselves